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Nolan + Fam

Nolan's mom contacted me about shooting a combined session of senior pictures and family pictures. This session took place from 6:30-8:30pm in August at two different locations. We were blessed with a beautiful summer evening and were able to capture the coveted Golden Hour lighting.

Nolan's mom offers up some suggestions for moms of seniors who are planning their child's photoshoot.

What did you do to prepare for your session? "We shopped about 3 weeks before our session, hair was trimmed (not cut) the day before (but it could have been cut a couple of weeks before with no problem)."

How many outfit changes did you bring? How did you choose? "I let him choose, my only requirement, because it was August, was that I wanted some nice looking shorts and nice jeans. I let him choose things he liked when we shopped and it was new enough that he was anxious to wear several different outfits to my pleasant surprise. Everything he liked totally suited his personality. I believe he ended up choosing 3 outfits for his senior session."

Any tips for other seniors?

1. Find a photographer you like

2. Book a session for the time of year you like (maybe start thinking about it toward the end of their junior year).

3. Go shop with your child one-on-one...(no distractions and you can overrule weird clothes you might not want on your wall forever) 3-4 weeks in advance.

4. Don't forget a haircut or trim right before.

5. Relax and let the awesome photographer do her thing:)

Need help with a stylish haircut or trim? Nolan's mom, Amy Caranci, is a very talented hair stylist at Abella Salon in Kalamazoo - check her out!

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