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18 months.

Amazing curls, an undeniable sense of wonder, a dog named Marley and easy-going and fun-loving parents...what more does an 18 month old need?

How to prepare for a session with your toddler:

  • Allow your toddler to be a toddler. More importantly, allow your toddler to be YOUR toddler. Every toddler is different and has different expressions and interests. They want to explore, they want to run and they want to go in the opposite direction that you want them to. Give them that freedom. If you hire me, chances are you want candid / authentic images. We aren't going to get those by sitting still and telling your toddler how to smile. Don't worry, I will be chasing your toddler with my camera and we will capture meaningful images that reflect this age.

  • Pack snacks and special items that have meaning (books, lovie, etc). Keep those items concealed in a tote until we need them.

  • Be calm. Parents do set the mood for the shoot. Remember, energy transfers. If you are uptight and anxious about the shoot, your child will be too. I have seen it happen both ways countless times. These parents were wonderful at giving their daughter freedom to be herself and to explore. By doing so, they also gave me freedom to do my job. The result? A collection of meaningful images that reflect this adorable 18 month-old's fun and inquisitive personality.

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