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Berts Bakery

Last month I was contacted by Fundera, a company based in New York City that offers loans to small businesses through out the United States. Fundera asked me to photograph one of their clients - a successful bakery in Kalamazoo. The bakery ended up being Bert's Bakery, located on Westnedge. My assignment from Fundera was to photograph the day to day operations of Bert's, similar to a lifestyle shoot. These images were to be used on Fundera's blog. I met with the owner, Amy Dyer Taylor to get a tour of Bert's. Amy's passion for her craft was evident right away, as she showed me the gorgeous wedding cakes she creates daily. I even got to see the replica of Borgess hospital that she designed and created for the organization. Amy has made over 6,000 wedding cakes in her life. She started baking at Bert's when she was 15 and bought the business when she was 22 yeas old. Amy's attention to detail and high standards are evident in her baked goods. Amy's cakes are not only gorgeous...they are DELICIOUS and I know this because she ended up making me a cake for my anniversary while I was taking pictures! Take a peek at the day to day operations of Bert's and make sure to stop in for a slice of Amy's almond poppycake - it will not disappoint!

Client Testimonial | Kimberly Hou, Fundera NYC

"Fundera hired Sarah for a customer testimonial photoshoot. As we are based in NYC and the customer is in Kalamazoo, we didn't have the pleasure of meeting in person. Nevertheless, we are more than satisfied with her services from end to end. Sarah offered professional customer service, prompt responses, and a convenient payment methods. We're thrilled to have worked with Sarah and would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in the Kalamazoo area and beyond."

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