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Sapphire - An Engagement Story

When Jared was twelve years old, his grandmother passed away. During this time, his family was going through his grandmother’s personal belongings and Jared came across a blue sapphire ring. He asked his mother if he could have it for a special day in the future when he would ask his soul mate to marry him. Jared met Chelsie later in life, when Chelsie’s landlord invited their friend Jared over for dinner with Chelsie (with no intention of “setting them up”). Chelsie and Jared hit it off right away and after a year of dating, Jared proposed with an heirloom from his family, his grandmother’s blue sapphire ring. It just so happens that Chelsie’s birthstone is a sapphire. The sapphire, with it’s radiant blue color has an esteemed history. According to some, it is believed that the tablets containing the Ten Commandments were composed of sapphire, so strong that a hammer swung against them would be smashed to pieces. Other cultures believe in the Sapphire’s calming and healing properties as well as it’s ability to bring good fortune. Jared and Chelsie, what a perfect symbol for your love. Congratulations!

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