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Early Birds

Some clients are hesitant to book sessions during the morning. However, there are many benefits to a morning session. Some kids are in better moods in the morning, when they are well rested and ready to interact. Morning lighting (I like to shoot two hours after sunrise) can present ideal lighting conditions because the sun is still lower on the horizon, creating soft, diffused lighting. This post will give you an idea of what to bring and what to expect in a morning session.


1) Expect wet grass and benches. Bringing a quilt to sit on is always a good idea for any session but especially a morning session when the grass is wet. The family below brought a light colored / white quilt, which is also a good reflector of light (white reflects light, black absorbs light). Other families bring a heirloom quilt or blanket. An old towel, change or clothes and appropriate shoes for the wet ground is also a good idea.


2) Layers! Morning temperatures can be a little chilly, so it is a good idea to dress yourself and your kids in layers. The little girl below was photographed on a fall day and had a warm shirt under her dress, tights, a vest and a hat. She was plenty warm (temps were in the low 40s) and we were able to get several different shots by changing out her layers. The second little girl also had warm layers and different jackets to choose from (both a jean jacket and a vest). She also had two different options for shoes (fashionable boots and water resistant boots to walk around in the grass). Both girls stayed warm and we ended up with a variety of options for photographs.


3) Bag of Tricks - It is always a good idea to pack a bag for young kids that include snacks and a few of their favorite items that will bring a smile to their faces. I have had clients bring books, blankies, soccer balls, a music maker (iphone, toy, etc that plays thier favorite songs), etc. Really, it doesn't matter, whatever your child enjoys and brings a smile to their face. Useful tip: Before the shoot, have your husband put his wallet, keys and cell phone in your bag and not in his pocket! - looks much better in pictures.

4) Wipes and Tissues - Noses tend to run more in chilly weather. Having wipes and tissues ready in your bag is never a bad idea. Close ups of kids are much cleaner when noses are wiped.


5. Calm. No matter what the time of your session, it is important to not take yourself too seriously. If you are stressed about your family pictures, your kids will be too. This post is simply to help you come to your session prepared. After that, your only job is to have fun! If you model a laid back attitude and have fun, your kids will follow your lead. Remember, my focus is always on the interactions!

In review...

Morning Session Packing List:

  • Blanket or quilt (lighter colors reflect light)

  • Old towel to dry wet surfaces

  • Bag of tricks (toys, snacks, etc)

  • Wipes and or tissues

  • Appropriate shoes for wet grasses

  • Layers

  • Your inner calm and readiness to have fun!

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