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How to Go on a Nature Walk

How to Go on a Nature Walk

Step 1: Pose for a family picture and get it out of the way.

Step 2: Stop and smell the roses (Or, blow on the dandelions because roses and their thorns are overrated)

Step 3: Watch grasshoppers and ladybugs in the tall grass and forget that you are scared of insects.

Step 4: Photo op with mom and dad.

Step 5: Find a quiet creek, roll up your jeans, take off your shoes and jump in!

Step 6: Find a walking stick for good measure and give that creek a stir.

Step 7: Impart your preschool wisdom on mom, dad and photographer by declaring that triangles have three sides while walking on a triangular rock...this is sure to impress!

Step 7: Have dad throw you up into the air.

Step 8: Show off your dirty feet (a tell-tale sign of a great summer evening!)

Step 9: Put your shoes back on ALL BY YOURSELF?! Amazing!

Step 10: Put the adorable backpack on (that's half your size) and have adults chase you down the path.

Happy Birthday, C!

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