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A Pink Flamingo Named Judy

Because, that's an awesome title for a blog post, no?


Judy is an inflatable flamingo and she lives poolside in this family's backyard. You will get to meet her in a minute.


There is so much to love about this family and this session from a VW bus with Michigan stickers, fresh cut sunflowers, songs on the ukulele, backyard living, popsicles and flying high on the swing. I can't seem to narrow down my favorites. It's like asking this family to remove one of the bumper stickers from the VW just isn't right. 

This is Judy. There was a moment when she was almost named Rosita. But, the name Judy stuck and here she is without a care in the world and admittedly I am a little jealous. Judy doesn't make her way into the story just yet but I wanted to get the introduction out of the way (I figured I owed that to you if I was going to name my blog post after her).


First, Davis wants to introduce you to his summer ride - a VW bus.


 Okay, it's time to move on to the backyard with Judy, this awesome family and some incredible natural light (and yes, it's all the real deal).



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