10 on 10 | January 2017

 It's time to roll up our sleeves (or pant legs) because a new year is here...

As you comb through last year's memories, stick a few in your pocket for the journey ahead...

 Take a moment to dig a little deeper into your soul and ask yourself...

What do you want to work hard at....where can your hard work make the greatest impact?

 What do you need to fill up your bucket? 

More importantly, how can you fill somebody else's bucket? 

You will make mistakes (like my out of focus image below). 

 And you will come across some surprises too (insert random coconut)...

May you find something beautiful to offer...

And light to guide you on your path.  

Happy New Year to all! xo Sarah


Head on over to Bethany Sam's beautiful 10 on 10 blog post next! Bethany is a incredibly talented lifestyle photographer in Knoxville, Tennessee. 










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