CM Pro Acceptance

February 22, 2016

In February 2016, I applied and was accepted as a CM Pro to Clickin Moms, an online community of photographers. To become a CM Pro, I had to submit 150 images to a review committee who scored my work against a rubric that measured proficiency in the following areas: Exposure Triangle, Color and White Balance, Use of Light, Composition and Posing, Processing Cohesion and Polish, Technical Basics and Creativity, Expression and Intention. 

Guest Judge on Snap Maven for "Macro"

April 30, 2015

In April of 2015, I was asked to be a guest judge on Snap Maven's blog. To guest judge a photography contest online, you have to 1) pick your own theme and 2) weed through thousands of applicants. It was a true honor to be asked to guest judge! I chose Macro photography (close up photography) as my theme and looked through thousands of beautiful macro images submitted from photographers world-wide. Read more here

Winner on the Dark Room for "Texture"

May 05, 2014

The Dark Room is a blog based in the United Kingdom. Every week the Dark Room posts photography related themes and photographers around the world submit their images to be chosen as the winner. I was in disbelief when I was selected as the winner for the texture theme in May of 2014! My winning image has special meaning to me, as it is my son collecting Petoskey stones on my childhood beach! Read more here

Winner of "fresh challenge" on Snap Maven

May 02, 2014

I was honored to be selected as the winner for the "fresh" challenge on Snap Maven's blog in May of 2014. Several applicants applied with their images and I ended up winning! Read more on Snap Maven's blog. Read more here

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